Our Process

The Pillars Process

Our executive team members each have over 20 years of experience locating, assessing, and engaging expert witnesses and have worked with 100% of the Am Law 200 and most of the world’s top boutique law firms. Our network of expert witnesses features Ph.D. faculty members from every major global university, business school and engineering department as well as industry experts in nearly every field of expertise. In addition to engaging expert witnesses, we provide claimants and their counsel with access to the $5b litigation finance market for plaintiff and defense matters alike.

1DISCUSS Confidential conversation with one of our experienced executives to discuss the case facts and ascertain the credentials of the most suitable and engaging expert witnesses. This pre-screen helps us understand potential conflicts of interest, geographic dependencies, filing deadlines and preferred engagement rates.

2SEARCH Our famed methodology, first developed in 1993, features an extensive expert database supplemented by the use of leading research techniques and leveraging our relationships and referral network of numerous department chairs, Nobel laureates, university professors, industry experts, and even other expert search firms.

3ASSESS We will personally vet and assess the credentials of potential candidates before presenting them to you. This is an important step because it may otherwise take you hours or weeks to ensure that the candidates not only have the required expertise but are also conflict-free, in-budget, articulate and presentable, and that they meet all your criteria beyond their credentials.

4NEGOTIATE Having engaged so many experts over so many years, we are often able to negotiate the best and lowest expert billing rates on behalf of our law firm clients.

5REVIEW Free of charge, we’ll send you the CVs of qualified candidates and organize phone-based or in-person interviews. This is often an iterative and thoughtful process that goes far beyond simply “forwarding” CVs to clients. We ourselves participate in the interviews, which often generate new ideas, insights, and brainstorms for different/other experts.

6SELECTION You select the most engaging expert witnesses, who are retained through The Pillars. The final selection of experts is one of the most critical steps in the entire litigation process because trials are sometimes won or lost based on the engaged experts. The Pillars works alongside the client to ensure the best and most suitable experts are retained, and to make sure the professionalism and insights of the engaged experts are beyond compare.

7FINANCE The Pillars, in partnership with Expert Capital Partners, provides its clients with access to the $5b marketplace for the funding of meritorious claims. Please contact us for more details about this service.