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About Our Experts

Leading Experts Covering All Matters

Our team has worked with nearly every major law firm in the US to help identify and assess the best-suited expert witnesses for cases covering nearly all matters.

The breadth and depth of our expertise is vast, covering nearly all disciplines and areas of expertise that could possibly be relevant to a legal dispute. In most cases, clients simply call us whenever they need an expert, no matter what the field. But for simplicity and organization purposes, we have also attempted to highlight a few of our areas of expertise into practice groups.

Our relationships with experts in finance, insurance, technology, and engineering hail from leading institutions and consulting groups. The following pages are designed to highlight our expertise in these specific practice areas and are in no way meant to convey that our expertise is limited TO these areas of practice.


What Clients Say About Us

“We needed to find a world-class expert in a niche industry on very short notice for a client. 86 Pillars* delivered. They found us several great candidates very quickly, and we retained an expert at a surprisingly reasonable rate. I don’t think we would have been able to garner these search results on our own, and even if we had managed to find the same expert, I am certain we would be paying significantly more for his services. I do not hesitate to recommend 86 Pillars to my partners and my clients.”

[*86 Pillars is now known as The Pillars.]

Timothy Duffy, Kirkland & Ellis