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Our executive management team has played a pioneering role in the expert witness search business since 1993. We founded one of the first-ever expert witness search firms; we were acquired by Thomson Reuters; we led an industry “roll-up;” we founded other search firms; and now we have combined all of our skills, experiences, and relationships into the finest of them all – The Pillars: Engaging Expert Witnesses™

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“Since founding Round Table Group in 1993, my colleagues and I have dedicated our professional lives to helping litigators to more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively engage the finest expert witnesses. It is with humble pride that we now introduce The Pillars, the culmination and pinnacle of our nearly 25 years of expert service to the legal community. While the Pillars team has garnered a certain mystique in the industry, there is no mystery about our trade craft: thorough and rigorous research; deep relationships with thousands of lawyers and professors; thousands of successful expert searches; and a level of service that is without peer.”

Russ W. Rosenzweig, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
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